Capacity Building and Training

Cultivating the skills to transform ideas into impact

Traditional approaches to innovation emphasize the “lone innovator” and insulated teams working to deliver a new product or process.   But individuals and groups working to tackle complex challenges and transform development models need an entirely new approach to innovation; one that leverages diverse resources, ideas, and opportunities.  For GKI, the answer lies in “Collaborative Innovation.”  We understand that changemakers must work with partners across organizations, sectors, and cultures to unleash the full impact of their ideas.

GKI believes that the skills needed to innovate collaboratively are learnable, yet often not addressed in typical strategy development and training settings.  Through our Collaborative Innovation Capacity Building program, GKI addresses this gap.  We enable individuals and organizations to develop strategies, build critical skills, and apply tools to infuse effective collaboration at every stage of innovation, from idea to impact.  We do this through interactive workshops, trainings, and coaching. We serve a multi-sectoral audience spanning entrepreneurs, nonprofits, private sector companies, researchers, and policymakers.  Since 2009, we have worked with individuals, institutions, and networks in more than 60 countries, across the innovation continuum from sensing needs, to creating high-impact solutions, to accelerating impact.